Get the personal guidance and feedback you need to master your marketing and have the EFT business you dream of.

Each Stage of Business Needs a Different Kind of Help...
Where Are You In Your EFT Business?

I'm Just Starting Out and Have Questions...

It's exciting to put out my shingle!

And it can be overwhelming knowing how to set everything up correctly so I will get a steady stream of clients...

I've Got Clients But Not Enough...

It's great to be seeing EFT clients!

I have a web site and I'm promoting myself every way I can, but I don't know what to do to get all the clients that I need...

I'm Successful...Now How Do I Go Big?

I've got a successful EFT practice!

And I have even bigger aspirations. I would love to help a huge tribe of people and take my EFT business to the next level...

The Next Question Is...

How Do You Get the Best Kind of Help for Your EFT Business?

What About Group Coaching Programs?

Many people who are serious about getting help with their EFT business try signing up for a live group business coaching program.

You do learn helpful marketing information, but it only takes you so far because you are left to implement your marketing largely on your own...

What is missing is detailed, in-depth feedback and support for your  specific business's marketing

In the year-long group training program I took, I saw  few people have much success by the end of the program. Most participants were still struggling in their business.

What helped me the most was one-on-one business coaching.

I got the personal attention and feedback I needed to perfect my marketing and finally get the success I desired.

The good news

I provide 1-on-1 EFT business coaching to give you the most effective personal help you need at any stage of your EFT business...

Something that group programs can’t provide
(not to mention trying to do it alone).

Sam Neffendorf

For anyone building an EFT business, Stefan has been looking into what works for years.

He helped me a lot a few years ago, and I would definitely recommend his services!

Michael Sheely

Just when I think I've got something good, Stefan makes it great. His knowledgeable advice and feedback have resulted in profoundly more effective marketing material and strategies to grow my business, which frees me up to do what I am here to do; serve my clients.

It is amazing to find someone with such well rounded experience. This gives him the ability to see the big picture from multiple perspectives and offer support in the areas that need it most!

Get the Help That You Need
Select Where You Are In Your EFT Business...

New EFT Practice:
Start Out Strong to Get a Steady Stream of Clients

Set up a step-by-step authentic marketing system for your new business so that you start out right and get the steady stream of clients you need.

Existing EFT Practice:
Master Your Marketing So That Your Biz Thrives

Discover the missed opportunities in your marketing that will fill your EFT practice or take your business to an even higher level.

Breakthrough Launches:
Jump Start a New Biz or Catapult Your Existing Biz to the Big Time

Program/product launches are the fastest method to dramatically boost your new EFT business or take your existing one to a whole new level...

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Let's chat about how you can successfully build your EFT practice or take your successful practice to the next level.

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