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I used to see other people do these fancy, professional product or group program launches, and I was so envious!

I knew that launches were the most effective way to promote products and group programs in a big way, but I had NO idea how to do them.

You may have seen these fancy launches yourself and also wondered how they did them.

You too may have had “launch envy,” wishing that you could run a big successful launch to boost your business.

Ultimately, understanding how to run launches myself ended up being the single most important marketing skill I ever learned.

Each of my launches (which each ran over a two week period):

  • Exposed me to a new audience who instantly saw me as an expert
  • Helped many people with their love lives
  • Grew my email list by thousands of people, which helped grow my business
  • Generated 5 figures in sales

Launches are the most effective way to promote and quickly grow your EFT business!

What is an Internet Launch?

Internet launches are a special strategic journey that participants are taken through that powerfully promotes your EFT group programs or products in a way that doesn't feel salesy...which is what makes it so effective.

For instance, I have a product called the Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program, which is an EFT home healing program that I sell for $247.

I also have a high ticket group program called the Soulmate Attraction Intensive that costs $2000 or $4000 per person depending on the which level a person chooses.

I have used launches to sell this product and group program to hundreds of people.

The Effectiveness of Launches

My $247 Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program product is available on my site year round. It gets an average of 2 sales a month for a total of 24 sales a year.

My Personal Launch Results

In contrast, when I run a launch for the same product, I get between 60 - 100 sales in a two week period! This means that I’m getting 3 - 4 years of sales in the two week launch period.

I also get a few thousand new people added to my email list, which leads to more clients and grows my business.

My high ticket Soulmate Attraction Intensive group program could not be sold effectively without doing a launch, so there is no possibility to compare before and after numbers.

You can see how much more effective Internet launches are for selling my EFT product and group program.

How Do Launches Work?

First of all, an Internet launch is based on the idea that...

People hate being sold to but love being helped

Launch Process: Step 1

The starting point for a launch is to offer to help people for free with a problem that they are having that is one piece of the overall puzzle.

This will be the same problem area that your group program or product will ultimately be helping.

The free help typically comes in the form of a video or webinar.

  • For instance, my product uses EFT to help people clear their blocks to finding love.
  • My launches started with a free video that helped people discover their first key block to finding their soulmate.

Very important! There is no indication in Step 1 that anything is going to be for sale.

Launch Process: Step 2

The participants of the launch are then taken through a strategic series of activities (eg. videos or a webinar) that continue to educate them about their problem.

Most importantly, you describe the specific kind of solution that will best help them get what they want (in my case, to find their soulmate).

The participants become convinced that the type of solution you describe is what they need, while still not feeling like they are being sold to because you still haven't mentioned your group program or product.

Launch Process: Step 3

Now that they are convinced of the type of solution that they need, the last step naturally transitions into offering your EFT group program or product as the best way to provide that specific solution.

It is not until the last step that the participant finally discovers that something is for sale

However, at this point they feel very helped by all that you have shared, so trust has been established and they feel open to what you have to offer.

Freely helping the participant and establishing trust first is what makes the launch sales process so effective

How to Set Up Your Own Internet Launches

Now that you have an overview of the Internet launch process and can see why it works so well, the next question is how you can run successful Internet launches for yourself.

There are three ways to get help setting up your launches, and I'll go over them here.

Option 1: Working with a "Launch Manager"

A launch manager brings in a team to, as much as possible, set up and run the whole launch for you.

They'll interview you about your product or group program and your target audience and then set up all of the advertising and every step of the launch process, and then they will run the launch for you.

You'll still have to participate by sharing all of your knowledge about your product or group program and your target audience. You'll also have to shoot the videos and/or webinar for your launch, but they will help you with all the scripts for the videos and webinars.

The upside of hiring a launch manager, assuming that you find a good one, is that you will end up with the best possible launch for your product or program, which is good.

However, there are a few big downsides to using a launch manager...

The biggest downside is that it will cost a LOT of money. Good launch managers usually charge around $20,000 to $30,000 to set up and run your launch for you. AND they usually also take a percentage of your launch revenue, typically 20-30%!

You get big results from your launch, but you don't get to keep a lot of it. The biggest things that you get to keep are the new big email list that you get and your greater personal exposure to a big new audience.

The other downside is that you don't learn how to do a launch yourself. Next time you want to run a launch, you'll have to hire your launch manager again.

So, what's the alternative?

Option 2: Group Training on How to Do Launches

When you sign up for a group launch training program, you are in a big group of people who are all being taught the principles of setting up launches at the same time.

The upsides of doing a launch training program are:

  1. You become self sufficient because you end up understanding how to set up a launch yourself.
  2. It's much cheaper than hiring a launch manager and typically costs around $2000 for the training program

The biggest downside to taking a launch training program and setting up your own launch is that you are basically left on your own.

In the training program you learn, as best you can, the principles of setting up a launch, and then you try your hardest to set up all of the pieces, but you get little to no feedback or personal help.

Nobody will go through all of the pieces of your launch and give you in-depth, detailed, professional feedback and suggestions for improvement. Like I said, you're basically on your own.

The majority of people who take these training programs never follow through with setting up their own launch. They either feel lost and overwhelmed or not sufficiently supported.

Those that do follow through typically get limited results, much less than what is possible, due to the low quality of the launch they create without help.

Only a very small percentage of participants do well (about 1%), and those are the ones that you hear about in the testimonials…

Option 3: Do-It-With-You Launch Mentoring

A do-it-with-you launch mentor teaches you the launch process and helps you build each piece of the launch as you go. You are given sample scripts which you modify together to fit your product or group program launch.

You get help, feedback and suggestions every step of the way.

You end up understanding the principles of a launch and you build all of the pieces yourself but with continual guidance, help and support.

You end up with a high quality launch at a much more affordable price.

The price is based on hourly coaching, so it will vary depending on how many coaching sessions you need to set up your launch.

Depending on your background, the cost typically ranges from $2,500 to $5,000.

This will be much much MUCH less than hiring a launch manager who tries to do the majority of the work for you, AND you won't have to give up a percentage of your revenue.

Also, the next time you want to rerun your existing launch or set up a brand new launch for a different product or program, you'll need a lot less help because you’ll have already learned a lot from your first launch.

However, you'll still have access to launch mentoring to give you help and feedback where you want it so that you'll end up with another high quality launch.

The do-it-with-you launch mentoring option provides the best of both worlds.

You get the quality of launch that a launch manager can provide but at a much more affordable cost, closer to taking a do-it-yourself group launch training program.

How I Can Help:
Do-It-With-You Launch Mentoring

I provide professional do-it-with-you launch mentoring, and I would be happy to talk with you about setting up your own launch to dramatically boost the success of your EFT coaching business.

I can also help you create your first product or group coaching program so that you'll have what you need to do a launch.

It's much easier than you may think. I can also help you with all of the preparatory steps, like picking your niche and developing your website if you don’t have one.

If you would like to talk about Launch Mentoring, please feel free to contact me by clicking on the button below.

Launching is the bold wa​​​​y to dramatically grow your EFT coaching business like the big players do. I'm here to answer your questions and give you the support you need.