About Stefan Gonick, MS

I’ve been loving helping people as an EFT practitioner since 2002. There's just nothing like the way we can help our clients experience dramatic healing in such a short time. It’s so exciting and fulfilling!

stefan gonick

In the Beginning I Struggled...

In my earliest years as an EFT practitioner, it was a real struggle. I wasn’t clear how to get clients and only managed to get a couple of clients a week, which felt more like a hobby rather than a career.

I was getting extremely discouraged and was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to make it.

A friend suggested that I needed to learn to “market” my practice so that I could get the clients that I needed.

But, I hated the idea of marketing. Actually... I dreaded it.

I found marketing scary and intimidating, and I thought that I didn’t have what it took to do it. I was basically afraid that I would suck at it...so I avoided it.

Eventually, I finally bit the bullet and decided that I did need to study marketing so that I could have the full, successful EFT practice that I desired.

I Studied Marketing for Coaches and Therapists

So, I buckled down and studied marketing for coaches and therapists and learned to make specific changes that applied to being an EFT coach.

I discovered that...

Marketing is a science...
But it's not rocket science

Marketing is not some arcane magic that can only be mastered by a few. It is a very learnable skill with clear principles and straightforward things to do.

My EFT Practice Blossomed 

After applying what I had learned about marketing and promotion as an EFT coach for about three years, I hit a happy milestone in my EFT business...

I filled my EFT practice!

It was so exciting to have a full load of clients each week that I was helping with EFT...and I was now making a 6 figure income.

I loved my business, and I was making a dramatic difference in people's lives!

After a few years I realized that I had plateaued

After a few years with my full EFT practice, I realized that I had plateaued. I was making the same income year after year, and it wasn’t growing any more.

Looking at my business I saw what the problem was:

I was charging my clients by the hour, and I only had so many hours each day... 

This was not an efficient use of my time and limited the number of people I could help and the amount of income that I could earn.

I realized that there were two ways to help more people and break through my income ceiling:

  • Run group programs
  • Create products to sell and generate passive income

Or I could do both.

My First EFT Group Program

So, I created my first EFT group program to help people clear their blocks to finding their soulmate and ran the group program three times.

The live group program ran for 6 weeks. Now I was helping a big group of people at the same time and making an extra $1000 per week during the program!

My First EFT Product Was Born...

After running the live group program I realized that it would be straightforward to turn the recordings into a product. So I did and the Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program product was born.

After I created my product, I was now faced with trying to sell it online.

Marketing Programs/Products Is Different...

This is when I discovered that marketing products (and group programs) involved a whole NEW set of skills beyond marketing my EFT coaching practice.

So, I intensively studied this new marketing approach as well.

“Launches” - The Dramatically Effective Approach

One of the most important marketing skills that I learned was how to run Internet "launches" to promote my programs and products in a big, bold way.

Launches are amazingly effective for this!

An Internet launch is based on the idea that…

People hate being sold to but love being helped

A launch leads a participant through a series of activities where the person receives help for their problem in a strategic way that naturally leads to the sale of your product or group program.

Click here to learn more about launches.

Each launch that I have done to promote my Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program product and my Soulmate Attraction Intensive group program resulted in 5-figure sales. 

Launches are a dramatically effective way to
promote your products and group programs!

A Breakthrough Realization -
Slow Track vs Fast Track Success

After I learned how to do launches for my products and programs, I had a big realization...

Slow Track Success

Using traditional marketing methods for coaches, it generally takes people about 3 to 5 years to build a successful EFT practice, like it did for me.

Unfortunately, many EFT practitioners never succeed since they don't learn those marketing techniques.

Fast Track Success

HOWEVER, I realized that the same "launch" process that I learned for promoting products and programs can also be used to jump start an EFT practice much more quickly.

If I had known how to do launches when I was first starting out as an EFT practitioner…
it would have taken me half the time to have a full, 6-figure practice!

Launches are the Fast Track method to success that most EFT coaches don’t realize is available to them. 

Launches can work to get your practice going quickly or to break through your income ceiling if you already have a successful practice.

What I'm Doing Now

I spend my time helping clients as an EFT practitioner as well as helping EFT practitioners either create a wonderfully satisfying and successful EFT practice or build beyond 6-figures and help many more people!

I can help you with all aspects of marketing for your EFT business and specialize in providing one-on-one launch coaching to quickly take your biz to the next level.

My Educational Background

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Neurobiology and Biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley. I did one year of a PhD program in Neuroscience but discovered that I enjoyed reading about research more than doing it, so I chose another path.

Along the way, I developed a fascination with computers and got a Masters Degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

I did some work in A.I. and later worked for over 20 years as a web programmer building database-driven web sites. I also developed expertise in search engine optimization.

My Background Continued

I have over 9 years of training in psychotherapeutic techniques, including extensive training in EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, couples counseling and relationship issues.

I have also intensively studied Internet Marketing for 7 years. This includes getting training from Internet marketing gurus like Margaret Lynch, James Wedmore, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Don Miller, Daniel Levis and others.

I know what it takes to create a thriving EFT practice and beyond.
I would love to help you have the success you desire!

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