Take Your EFT Business to the Next Level

I can help you have the successful EFT business you desire or to expand to a whole new level.

As an Existing EFT Practitioner

  • You’ve had an EFT practice for a while and have some clients, but your business is not where you need or desire it to be...
  • Or you have a successful EFT coaching practice but have hit an income ceiling and want to boost your business to a higher level.

I can help you with everything you need to get your existing EFT Business to the next level...

Examine your current marketing and discover what is working and where the critical holes are that need to be addressed

Set up automated promotional programs so that you can relax and let new clients come to you (e.g. I get multiple inquiries from potential new clients each week)

Identify missed opportunities in your marketing to greatly expand your business

Develop a new business model to go beyond basic coaching to a 6-figure business and beyond

But Isn't 1:1 Business Coaching Very Expensive?

One-on-one EFT business coaching with me is similar in cost to year long group business coaching programs, but with some big advantages:

  • First of all, you get private sessions with me instead of being part of a big group.
  • Group programs are 12 months long. This may be too long or not long enough for your personal needs. We would work month by month until you have achieved your goals.
  • With me, your private coaching program would be customized to your exact needs as an EFT practitioner and as an individual. Business group programs try to apply to everyone in general and can't tailor the program to your needs.

You will get the exact help that you need to have the thriving EFT practice that you desire.

Ready to Start Boldly Building Your EFT Biz Now?

Complimentary 20-Minute Discovery Session

Let's chat about how you can successfully build your EFT practice or take your successful practice to the next level.

Please note: I only have a limited number of client openings at this time. Please contact me to check for availability.