EFT Business Breakthrough Mini-Course: Lesson 3

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The Concept of a "Sales Funnel"

Howdy ho! In Lesson 3 we are going to talk about the concept of a Sales Funnel...

Okay, the term "Sales Funnel" may sound like one of those dry, boring marketing terms that makes your eyes cross...but it's actually the sexiest thing that you could learn about for your business!

You see, the ulimate goal of your Sales Funnel is to take people on a journey from...

to members of your tribe...
to raving fans...
to Clients/Customers

You are taking people who have never heard of you through a series of steps where they get to know, like and trust you until they ultimately buy from you, either as a client or by paying for an EFT group program or product.

The concept of a Sales Funnel describes the steps of this journey. The good news is that it really is figure-out-able. So, let's take a breath and dive right in...

Below is a diagram of a 5-Step Sales Funnel:

The Steps of a Sales Funnel

I am now going to give you an overview of each step of the funnel so that you have an idea of how this all works.

Don't get intimidated if it seems like a lot of complicated steps. You'll see that it's actually quite understandable, and it's super important for having a successful EFT practice.

We'll talk about how to actually do each step in later lessons. This is just a high level overview.

You'll want to try and keep in mind the principles of "know, like and trust" and "showing that you can help them" as you read each step.

Step 1: Visibility

The first step is to find ways to put yourself out there and let people know that you exist! People can't start to know, like and trust you until they are aware of your existence.

So, this step is about picking different public venues for making yourself visible to the world. Examples of this could be YouTube, Facebook, blog posts, etc. It could even be giving talks at the local library. 

We'll talk more about all the different options for making yourself visible so that you can pick the one(s) that resonate best with you.

Your goal in Step 1 is for people to discover your existence and to get them to visit your web site where you can inspire them to enter your Sales Funnel and take them through the rest of the steps all the way to making sales.

Step 2: Awareness/Engagement

The successful end result of the Visibility Step is that people became aware of you.

Your goal in the Engagement Step is to engage with people by showing that you care and giving them enough helpful content they start to feel that you can help them.

This helpful content could be a video, blog post or article, and so on. This is the very beginning of the process of building the "know, like and trust" factor and showing that you can help with their problem.

Once they feel that you care and can help them they, hopefully, become interested in having an ongoing relationship with you, which leads us to the next step.

Step 3: Subscription/Leads

The main way to have an ongoing relationship with potential clients/customers is if they give you their email address so that you can keep communicating with them, which is the goal of Step 3.

However, people don't like giving out their email address since they already get so much email as it is, which is why the Engagement Step is so important.

That prior step is what makes them open to giving out their precious email address.

Even so, they may still need some enticement to do so.

This is done by offering a valuable free gift, called a "Lead Magnet," in exchange for their email address. We'll talk more about Lead Magnets in Lesson 5.

People then fill out a simple form on your web site to get the Lead Magnet. You've probably done this yourself many times.

Once people are on your email list, they have entered into your world. You can now send them emails regularly to start building an ongoing relationship with them!

Step 4: Build Relationship and Give Value

This step spans the most time. The first 3 steps could potentially happen pretty quickly.

For instance, someone could see one of your videos on YouTube, click to visit your web site, read your home page and then give you their email address in exchange for the Lead Magnet all in one sitting.

In the Build Relationship and Give Value Step you continue to send helpful, caring content to your Leads (the people on your email list) on a regular basis.

Over the weeks and even months you will keep communicating with your Leads in a way that helps them continue to get to know, like and trust you and feel helped by you. Step 4 is the main step of the funnel where this happens.

These people start to feel like members of your tribe and feel a real connection with you and gratitude for the help that you have already given them.

There is a strategic way to give value and build your relationship over time that helps set you up for eventually making a sale. More about that later.

Step 5: Sales - Client, EFT Group Program or Product

This is the step where you directly invite the members of your tribe to work with you or purchase something from you.

If you did Step 4 well, people will be inspired to take you up on your invitation!

If you do each step of the funnel well,
you will have a steady stream of clients filling your practice!

The story continues...

Hopefully, your eyes aren't too crossed at this point... 🙂 And you now have a birds eye view of the steps of the Sales Funnel that takes people from being strangers to raving fans to ultimately becoming clients or customers.

If some of the steps are still unclear or fuzzy, don't worry. 

In the following email lessons we are going to go into each step of the Sales Funnel in more detail and with practical examples, which will give you a much better understanding of each step.

In Lesson 4 we will talk about the Visibility Step where I will recommend the 3 most effective venues for gaining visibility with your ideal tribe!

Stay tuned...


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