EFT Business Breakthrough Mini-Course: Lesson 2

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Welcome back!

Welcome to Lesson 2 of the mini-course, Your EFT Business Breakthrough. (If you missed the prior lesson and it's not in your spam folder, please reply to this email and we'll be happy to resend it to you.)

In this lesson we are going to talk about the #1 mistake new (and existing) EFT practitioners make when starting their EFT business.

This mistake can prevent them from ever having a wonderful, thriving EFT practice. The mistake is all about the following question...

To Niche or Not to Niche?

This question is often emotionally the hardest for EFT practitioners...

I'm going to make the bold claim that the single most important first step to take is to:

Pick a "niche" or specialty for your EFT practice

I can already hear you saying...

"Say what!? I can use EFT to help with any kind of emotional problem, so why in the world would I want to narrow myself down to a single niche!?"

Picking a Niche Is Critically Important to Your Success

Being an EFT practitioner myself, I totally understand where you are coming from.

When I was starting out I knew that I could help pretty much anyone with any emotional problem and many physical ones as well, so I was reluctant to pick a niche too.

But let's look at one of our guiding principles from Lesson 1:

  • Communicate in a way that let's people know that you intimately understand their problem and can help them with it.

Starting with the home page of your web site, you need to be able to immediately speak to the specific problem that your potential clients have so that they know that you understand their problem and can help them with it. This is very doable if you pick a niche.

If you don't pick a niche, this is very hard to do. You are left with speaking in vague generalities that speak to no one in particular.

Here is one of the truisms of marketing:

When you try to appeal to everyone...you appeal to no one

Now, if you know about my web sites, you may be saying,

"But Stefan, you have a generalist EFT web site, EFT-Alive.com. Doesn't this niche thing apply to you too?"

Yes, it does. You see, I made the mistake of trying to be a generalist when I first started out.

The one big advantage that I had was that I was early in the EFT world and was good at search engine optimization, so I got a lot of visitors to my generalist EFT web site and, therefore, got some clients from that site.

However, I eventually realized that I needed to pick a niche if I wanted to be more successful, so I created a niche EFT site called, Single2Soulmate.me, for helping people clear their emotional blocks to finding love.

Comparing a Generalist vs a Niche EFT Web Site

To see more clearly how the above marketing principle applies to these two different EFT sites, let's look at the differences in the language on their home pages:

EFT-Alive.com Home Page

Here is the wording on my generalist EFT web site:

You really can have the life, love and success you most desire!

Are you struggling with...

  • Stress, anxiety or trauma?
  • A critical inner voice that won't give you a break?
  • Attracting the Love of your life?
  • Difficult struggles in your relationship?
  • Experiencing a painful breakup?
  • Feeling blocked or sabotaging your success in your life or business?
  • Health issues your doctor can't help you with?

From there I talk in a general way that I can help with any of those problems using the magic of EFT.

As you can see, this was my best attempt to overcome the fact that this is a generalist EFT web site that can apply to anyone. I list a bunch of issues that I am hoping a potential client can relate to.

If a reader of my site has one of the above issues, unfortunately, I can't say more about that issue because there are too many to talk about.

I can just assure them in a general way that I can help...I can't speak to their problem directly other than naming it.

Single2Soulmate.me Home Page

Here is the wording on my niche EFT web site:

Are you yearning to be with the love of your life?

Has your love life been...

  • Painful relationships with Mr or Ms Wrong?
  • Meeting or dating great people… then blowing it?
  • Unsatisfying relationships where you feel like you're settling?
  • An endless, frustrating and lonely search for true (healthy!) love?

Are you a single man or woman who is ready to finally be with your soulmate?

If so, I will show you how to...

  • Put an end to your painful, disastrous relationships, once and for all!
  • Clear the hidden blocks preventing you from being with your ideal partner...
  • Attract your soulmate—the one who adores, understands and thrills you!

You really can have the life and love you long for.

As you can see, on my specialty or niche EFT web site, I can talk very specifically about the problem the person is having and how I can help that person.

There's no way I could go into so much detail about any of the issues that I mentioned in my generalist EFT web site.

The Effectiveness of My Generalist vs Niche EFT Web Sites

Now, I have worked with EFT practitioners where I showed them my two web sites when talking about the importance of picking a niche, and they were still not convinced.

First of all, they expressed great discomfort in narrowing things down so much because they really wanted to help people with a wide range of issues. They didn't want to be limited to just one!

They also thought that, surely, I must be able to get more clients through my generalist EFT web site where I say that I can help people with many different issues than from my niche web site where I'm only working with people with one issue.

You'd Be Surprised...

Here are the simple statistics from my EFT practice in 2018:

  • My EFT-Alive.com web site was getting around 5,000 visitors/month
  • My Single2Soulmate.me web site was only getting around 500 visitors/month (1/10th as many)
  • However, I got 3 times as many clients from my Single2Soulmate.me site than from my EFT-Alive.com site
  • That means that my niche EFT site is 30 times more effective than my general EFT site!

My niche EFT web site is 30 times more effective because it gets 3 times as many clients with only 1/10th the number of visitors as my general EFT web site.

The only reason that I get any clients at all from my generalist EFT web site is because it's been around a long time and I get so many visitors per month, which is more than most EFT practitioners are able to do.

How likely is it that you'll get 5,000 visitors a month to your EFT web site?

The bottom line is that I get most of my clients through my niche EFT web site.

Picking a niche really is a do-or-die situation for your EFT practice...
It's that important.

Hopefully, you are now convinced that it is necessary to pick a niche for your EFT practice instead of trying to be a generalist.

However, you may still be bummed that you have to limit yourself to a single specialty.

The Solution...Multiple niche EFT Web Sites

Practically speaking, you have to create your EFT web site around a single niche.

However, there is nothing stopping you from creating a second web site for a second niche, or a third or a fourth.

Yes, it is more work to have to create multiple web sites instead of just trying to cover everything in one site, but at least each of your niche sites will get clients for you! A generalist EFT web site just won't get you very many clients.

The best thing to do is to start with one niche site and work with it until it is successful, and then build other sites later if you want.

Which Niche Should I Pick?

So, the next soul searching step is to pick your niche...but which one?

The best guiding principle here is to pick a niche that you are passionate about.

This usually comes from having had the same problem yourself or knowing someone very close to you who had that problem.

For example, I struggled with my love life for many years, so I became very passionate about helping people with their love lives.

It also meant that I intimately knew all about the challenges around trying to find love, so I could talk about it from personal experience.

This brings us to a corollary of the marketing principle that we have been working with in Lesson 2:

  • When you can describe a problem to a reader or listener more clearly than they could describe it themselves, they automatically assume that you can help them with it.

This is most possible to do when you have had the same problem yourself.

Importantly, people will also be able to relate to you better knowing that you had the same problem. This helps with the "know, like and trust" factor.

Picking a niche makes all of the pieces of your marketing more effective.

The Challenge of Picking the Right Niche

Picking the right niche can be a little tricky. I already suggested picking a niche on a topic that you are passionate about. However, that's not the only criteria...

You also need to pick a niche that is viable from a marketing perspective. The right niche needs two qualities:

  1. The niche must be about a burning problem that people are highly motivated to address
  2. The niche must include people who are willing and able to pay for your services

For instance, the niche of helping starving artists clear their blocks to putting their art out into the world is a worthy cause, but doesn't satisfy the second requirement...

There are ways to do some market research around the niche that you pick to make sure that it really is viable, but that's beyond the scope of this mini-course. However, the principles you have now are a great start.

Once you have completed this critical preparatory step of picking the right viable niche, you are now ready to start setting up the marketing for your EFT practice.

Coming up...

In Lesson 3 we will talk about what the heck a "Sales Funnel" is and how it can transform your EFT biz!

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