EFT Business Breakthrough Mini-Course: Lesson 6

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Hey Tapster!

Welcome to Lesson 6 of the mini-course, Your EFT Business Breakthrough.

In this lesson we are going to talk about how to build an intimate relationship with the people on your email list and continue to give them value so that you turn your subscribers into raving fans who will ultimately (in Step 5) be excited to work with you or buy products or group programs from you.

Step 4: Build Relationship and Give Value

The specific goal of Step 4 is to turn your subscribers into members of your tribe. These are people who feel very intimately connected to you in addition to feeling like you can help them.

Being members of your tribe is the ultimate destination of the process of getting to know, like and trust you. One of the keys to Step 4 is being vulnerable.

Being Real, Authentic and Vulnerable

In Step 4 you will be sending out emails on approximately a weekly basis. In some of your emails you will continue to give value by providing helpful content like you have been doing in Step 2, Awareness/Engagement.

However, you will also talk more about yourself in a real, vulnerable and authentic way.

This is what will really help people connect with you and go beyond a "business" relationship to becoming intimate members of your tribe.

In your vulnerable emails, you will want to share personal stories of your own struggles and how you overcame them.

This will show your tribe that you really understand where they are at because you've been there.

You don't have to share vulnerable stories in every email, though it's cool if you can, but it's a good idea to do this at least every 3rd or 4th email.

Building Value in a Strategic Way

In Step 4 you will continue to build value by sending helpful content to your tribe. However, it's not random helpful content. You ideally want to be strategic about it.

How to Be Strategic?

First of all, you start by thinking about what you are ultimately going to offer to your clients. You're not just going to help them with all aspects of their problem.

You're likely going to help them in specific ways. This is true whether you will be working one-on-one, offering a group program, or selling a product.

Then there are 3 ways that you will want to be strategic in your helpful content:

  1. Provide content that is consistent with the specific ways that you will ultimately be helping your clients
  2. Provide content that addresses your potential clients' concerns and objections
  3. Talk about the unique nature of the solution that they will need to solve their problem but without yet mentioning what you have to offer. You want to build a case for the specific solution you will be offering before you actually make your offer.

Specific Example of Being Strategic

In my love niche, the specific ways that I help people is by helping them release 3 keys blocks to finding love. However, I don't help them with dating advice or other aspects of finding love.

Therefore, my helpful content talks a lot about understanding the 3 key blocks and what kind of solution is needed to release them without explaining exactly how to do it.

I also talk about their concerns around finding love so that I have already addressed their objections by the time we get to the final step of the Sales Funnel when I actually ask for the sale.

Talking About the Unique Kind of Solution Needed

Let's go into a little more detail about this. For example, you'll want to talk about what blocks they need to address, how EFT is the fastest and most effective way to clear the blocks, and you might talk about some unique way to apply EFT for this problem.

In my case, I talk about using my own unique version of EFT, that I call Relational EFT, that I describe as needed to break free from negative relationship patterns.

Note: It's important that you don't talk about what you are selling yet! People are more receptive when they don't feel like they are being sold to until the last possible moment.

So instead, you will be talking about the nature of what you will ultimately be offering without offering it yet.

Ultimately, if you do Step 4 well, in Step 5 people with be excited to work with you or buy from you!

The selling part will be relatively easy and definitely more effective if you do it this way.

More about all this in Lesson 7 where we talk about Step 5 where we ask for the sale! Cool stuff.

Stay tuned...


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