EFT Business Breakthrough Mini-Course: Lesson 8

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Hey Master Tapper!

Welcome to Lesson 8 of the mini-course, Your EFT Business Breakthrough.

In the lessons up until now, we have talked about the parts of an effective Sales Funnel to make your EFT business a success.

However, a Sales Funnel, as essential as it is, is a gradual road to success. You can think of it as an "incubation process" that increases your business bit by bit over many months to a couple of years.

This alone puts you way ahead of the majority of EFT practitioners! It can be the difference between success and failure.

However, what if there was a way to leapfrog the incubation process to get you rapid success?

Speeding Things Up Dramatically...

What if you could squeeze a short version of the Sales Funnel process into an intensive two week journey for people leading to a sudden BIG jump in your business all at once? 

This could be a sudden rush of clients or sign-ups for one of your EFT group programs, or purchases of your EFT digital product.

It turns out that there is something called an on-line or Internet "Launch" that does exactly that...

In a two week period Internet Launches can:

  • Expose you to a large new audience who instantly see you as an expert
  • Add thousands of people to your email list (to help build your business)
  • Help a ton of people in your niche
  • Result in thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in sales!

Internet Launches are great for selling:

  • EFT coaching packages
  • EFT group programs
  • EFT digital products
  • Getting new clients

Learning how to do Internet Launches was the single best thing I ever learned for making my EFT business successful.

They allowed me to catapult my business in a big way. Launches really are amazing, and I encourage everyone to use them in their business.

How Do Internet Launches Work?

So, how does this whole Internet Launch thing work? Well, this is a bit of a big topic to try to fit into a single lesson, and I already have a another web page on my site that goes into all the detail...

I invite you to click on the link to read more about how to do Internet Launches.

Learning how to do Internet Launches can knock 1 - 2 years (or more) off the time it takes to become a successful EFT practitioner (or they can take your business to a whole new level)! 

If launches look exciting to you as a way to quickly get your EFT business off the ground or take it to the next level, please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have. I'm here to support you!

The Journey Is Not Over...

So, this is the last lesson of the mini-course, Your EFT Business Breakthrough. However, this is not the end of our journey together. You'll continue to get help from me over time. ❤️️

Here's to the success of your EFT business!


Stefan Gonick

Create a Passionate & Profitable EFT Practice
Because You Care...and you Deserve to Thrive!