EFT Business Breakthrough Mini-Course: Lesson 7

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Hey Special Tapper!

Welcome to Lesson 7 of the mini-course, Your EFT Business Breakthrough.

This is it. The moment we have been waiting for! 

In this lesson we are going to talk about how to take the final plunge and ask for the sale in a way that doesn't feel salesy or sleazy.

To ask in a way that naturally leads to people working with you or joining your EFT group program or buying your EFT product.

In fact, people will be excited to work with you!

Step 5: Sales - Clients, Group Programs, Products!

What makes the sales step relatively easy is the ground work that you laid in Step 4, Build Relationship and Give Value.

There were two things in particular that you did in Step 4 that really sets you up for the sale:

  1. Building a personal relationship with your tribe
  2. Talking about the unique type of solution needed to solve their problem

The first thing is all about nurturing the "know, like and trust" factor that is so important. We don't need to talk much more about that one.

The second thing, talking about the unique type of solution needed to solve their problem, is what really helps you easily transition into asking for the sale.

Asking for the Sale

Remember that in Step 4 you spent time describing in detail the unique type of solution needed to solve their problem without mentioning that you offered this unique solution. 

That gave you the opportunity to convince someone that your unique solution is what they need without feeling like they are being sold to. People actually end up feeling grateful for this education!

In Step 5, you simply remind people of the unique solution that you described in your Step 4 email, blog or video, and then let them know the good news that you can provide that solution!

You then describe your particular offering and tell them of all of the benefits that they will get.

Think of it this way. The members of your tribe have gone on a journey with you as they move through the first 4 steps of the sales funnel.

They've come to know, like and trust you and to feel a real personal connection with you.

They already feel helped by you in various ways, which builds as sense of gratitude and faith/trust that you can help them further.

If you've also convinced them of the value of your unique solution, then many of your people will view you as a great source of that solution!

This makes sense because wouldn't they want to work with you, a person that they already feel connected to, as compared to someone else who is offering another solution who they don't know?

A Key Needed Ingredient

At this point in Step 5, the main thing that you need to be successful is to let your tribe know that you can provide that unique solution... while speaking from a place of calm confidence.

It's your calm confidence that provides the final trust that you really can help them.

However, speaking with calm confidence can be a sticking point for a lot people...

Emotional Blocks in Step 5

This is where core feelings of not being good enough, not feeling deserving, fears around success and so on can make it hard to come across as calmly confident when you offer your services.

You may instead come across as unsure, insecure, unconfident, and so on, which damages your credibility.

It's important to identify if you have any of these blocks so that you can address them with EFT so that you can be successful when offering your services and during Discovery Sessions where you discuss working with a potential client.

Healing the Emotional Blocks

One way to start uncovering them is to simply imagine offering your services, group program or product and notice what comes up emotionally.

You may feel fear, a sense of defeat or discouragement, and/or a list of negative beliefs. Just make a list of everything that comes up.

Once you have your list, you can use EFT to start clearing them. Depending on how deep some of these feelings and beliefs are, it may be hard to heal them on your own, even though you are an EFT practitioner yourself.

In that case, you'll want to find someone to work with. I certainly had to do that earlier in my business!

The great news is that EFT is wonderful for clearing those blocks. Of course, I don't have to tell you that... 🙂

Good News: You Get Multiple Chances to Make a Sale

It may sound from my description of the 5-Step Sales Funnel that you lead people through the first four steps and then you get once chance in Step 5 to offer your services and get the sale.

The good news is that you get to keep offering your services over and over again!

Basically, you keep repeating steps 4 and 5. In Step 4, you keep offering helpful content in the strategic way I described in the last email.

You can then safely offer your services, group program, and so on around every fourth or fifth email!

The basic formula is 3 or 4 helpful emails to every sales email

So, you have ongoing opportunities to keep offering what you've got. People will sign up with you when they are ready.

This may be a few weeks after they sign up for your email list (i.e. enter your sales funnel) or a few months or even a few years!

It's an incubation process, and it's really cool when someone contacts you a couple of years after they have been on your list.

Your sales funnel is the gift that keeps on giving for your EFT practice!

You Are Now in the Special Minority of EFT Practitioners

At this point, you now have a general understanding of the main pieces needed to build a successful sales funnel that will build your EFT practice.

The majority of EFT practitioners don't know about this stuff, which is why so many of them struggle and even fail.

We need more successful EFT practitioners, not fewer!

What Does It Take to Have a Successful Sales Funnel?

So, here's a teaching moment. You've now read this detailed mini-course on setting up a successful Sales Funnel for your EFT business.

It includes the basic concepts needed for each step of the funnel. I sincerely hope that you have found it helpful.

You also know that my business is to help other EFT practitioners have successful practices (it breaks my heart to see so many of them fail).

So, it may seem like I have "given away the store" with all of this information.

However, what I have given you in this mini-course is a detailed description of "what" you need to do to build a successful sales funnel and some of the how.

However, to truly soar you'll need a lot more of the "how" as well as personal feedback along the way. You see...

How well you implement your Sales Funnel
makes all the difference in how successful your EFT business becomes.

It was my goal that this mini-course would become the conceptual foundation for building your own EFT business Sales Funnel.

If you can take this and run with it on your own, that's great and I'm very happy to have helped you!

However, there are a lot of details to each step, and trick is to execute each step well.

Without help, people often get stuck and stall out and never finish setting things up.

Or they do finish building their funnel but end up with one that doesn't work that well. Clearly, those outcomes aren't ideal...

There Are Additional Needed Pieces Needed for Success

Your Web Site

For instance, how do you set up the home page of your web site to best guide people into your Sales Funnel? What wording do you use?

What is the best way to set up your sales page? What do you say?

What other pages should be on your web site?


And then there is another common sticking point or blocker for many people, which is the question...

What technology should I use to set up my web site, Sales Funnel, and business?

For instance:

  • What's the best way to set up my web site? WordPress? Wix???
  • What's the best system for collecting people's email addresses?
  • Is there a way to automate the different steps of the sales funnel?
  • If video is going to be used, what equipment is needed? 
  • How do you set up an effective Youtube channel?
  • What's the best way to take payments online?
  • What equipment do I need for videos, podcasts, etc.

This technology stuff alone can feel intimidating and stop many people in their tracks.

The truth is...people who are the most successful in their businesses get help.

This was certainly true for me even though I prided myself as an independent, do-it-yourselfer who even had a Masters Degree in Computer Science! 

I finally conceded that I needed help if I wanted to be as successful as I wanted. I just wish that I hadn't waited so long.

It's likely that you need help too.

Personal EFT Business Mentoring

I provide 1-on-1 EFT Business M entoring to help you create an awesome Sales Funnel that:

  • Represents your authentic voice and spirit
  • Brings you a steady stream of your ideal clients
  • Helps your EFT business be a thriving success

There are other business coaches out there, but they don't know the special needs of EFT practitioners. I have created a 6-figure EFT practice, and I would love to help you have one too.

Imagine having a full practice of great clients whose lives you are helping transform in a dramatic way.

Imagine running group programs with 20 - 100 people in them.

Imagine developing EFT products that can help even more people and generate income while you sleep...

This is all possible! I know because I have done it myself.

Let's get this done together! 

It's going to be an exciting journey of discovery, finding your special identity as an EFT practitioner, and gracefully implementing all of the steps of your amazing Sales Funnel, one step at a time so that you can have the practice you dream of.

Click the button to contact me for a complimentary
20-Minute Discovery Session

It is my mission to help you be a wildly successful EFT practitioner!

Sales Funnels Are Cool But There Is Something Even Better!

Learning how to set up an effective sales funnel is an important part of having a successful EFT business.

However, there is another option that uses a lot of the same concepts but in a super charged way that can leapfrog you to success in a faster and more dramatic fashion!

We'll learn all about that in Lesson 8. Very cool stuff!

Stay tuned...


Stefan Gonick

Create a Passionate & Profitable EFT Practice
Because You Care...and you Deserve to Thrive!